Shipping Updates

More people are exploring archery now than ever. You’ve likely seen it yourself: Every lane taken at the local archery range or a packed archery shop on a Saturday morning. Archery has been uniquely positioned as a safe and entertaining getaway during the pandemic

The surge in demand mixed with the industry-leading performance of Diamond Archery products has created an unprecedented level of scarcity. We’re working around the clock and pulling as many levers as we can to build up inventory and generate faster turns. We’ve increased capacity at all of our facilities, added production lines, expedited shipments via air to get products faster, and worked with our partners to stock up on components.

Rest assured, we’re doing everything possible to get your Diamond Archery equipment in your hands as quickly and as accurately as possible.


Are you still shipping?
Yes, we are still shipping all in-line products.

Does COVID-19 impact the warranty on my Diamond Archery equipment?
There is no impact on our warranty policy.

What should I do if I have questions regarding shipping inquiries related to COVID-19?
The best way to identify shipping and lead times for a specific bow is to contact your dealer. We are shipping bows daily. So, in some cases, your dealer may have a specific bow in stock. If you need help finding a local dealer you may visit

How do I contact customer service with questions regarding warranties or other general inquiries related to COVID-19?
Always get in touch with your dealer first. They are the first line in making sure you have a great experience and can help you with most of your warranty questions. For all other inquires, you may visit for FAQs. Also, our customer service team is here to help from 7 am – 5 pm PST Monday to Friday by calling 1-888-689-1289